Patient Focus Africa

Patient Focus was established in 2002 with the objective of promoting products for the end Consumer. Our main objective is to ultimately reduce downstream healthcare costs and to ensure patient / employee well being. Patient Focus Africa has formed exclusive and unique long-term global partnerships which allow us to provide solutions across the entire value chain. We focus on and promote approved POINT OF CARE TECHNOLOGY and pride ourselves in our training and after sales service. The objective is to enable the health personnel to deliver immediate accurate results. In order to stay a leader in the market and to ensure that we are able to introduce and supply the latest Point of Care technology, we secured exclusive distribution agreements with the following international companies:

Samsung:  World leaders in technology – now setting new benchmarks in Point of Care technology “Inspire the World, Create the Future”

PTS Diagnostics:  Delivering industry-leading point-of-care diagnostics to the global health care market focusing on developing diagnostic tests for chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes & other related medical conditions

Microlife: One of the world leaders in medical diagnostic equipment for both home and institutional use – clinically validated, guaranteeing the highest level of safety

i-Sens:  One of only five companies in the world that can manufacture over 1 billion strips annually – they are part of the “BIG 5”

BioLytical:  Manufacturers of the FDA approved Insti Rapid HIV test –  the fastest HIV diagnostic assay in the world today

Trinity Biotech: Suppliers of the leading, cutting edge lab, Point of Care and rapid tests. As well as being suppliers of the world renowned HIV test ‘Unigold’

Owen Mumford: Innovators of safety lancets and drug delivery systems and have an impeccable 70 year old track record

Hemocue:  Actively aim to provide lab quality at point-of-care for important diagnostic tests, which are fast and easy for anyone to perform

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Our objective is to assist wellness companies to deliver successful and impactful initiatives that ensure accurate Health Assessments, thus helping identify members that are either unaware of a disease state or uncontrolled on current therapy.


Our objective is to enable the health personnel to deliver immediate accurate results. Our focal area is adding value to your practice by supplying you with the latest, state of the art, cutting edge independently certified quality Point of Care Equipment.


As our company name suggests it is all about the patient and our focus is always on you. Our core values are accuracy, credibility and affordability and at all times transparent business practises.


We enable pharmacies to “TAP” into the magic. TAP stands for Test At Pharmacy. Pharmacies are the opportune place to practise Theranostics which is the combination of both Therapeutics and Diagnostics.